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Welcome to our 6th Annual Production Sale!! Since we decided to move our sale to the fall, Cindy and I have been truly blessed, and I would like to say THANK YOU to all who have supported and believed in our program. It has been a treat to work with like mindedpeople with a common goal. As you may have noticed our sale has been moved to Bassett, Neb. this year. As you read below it hasbeen a busy and very rewarding year.

2017 has brought a few changes to the Bruns household. First of all Cindy was promoted to Branch Manager at the Bank of Hartington LPO in Bloomfield. Cole (co-herdsman #1) left us to go to college this fall. (Donít think there werenít a few tears shed over this, and they werenít just Momís tears.) He is studying Business Finance and was highly recruited as an Offensive Left Tackle to play football last winter. After months of college visits and a lot of wining and dining, he choose to become a Doane Tiger in Crete, Neb. What a wonderful school and he is doing great! Kate (co-herdsman #2) is not to be out done. She is a freshman at Bloomfield High School this year. Not only does she get fantastic grades, but she is a member of the varsity cross country team that won districts and advanced to the State Cross Counrty Meet (the first time in school history that a girls team has done this). She is also Dadís go to girl when he needs to know something about the cows. And lastly the real estate office which I had been working for in Bloomfield came up for sale. After a lot of sleepless nights and realizing that we are getting older and the help is leaving, Cindy and I decided to purchase the business on June 1st. Bruns Land & Home LLC is doing great and been very busy.

So, as you can tell our lives are changing and the good Lord sent us the Orton Family this spring. With that said, the Momma Cows moved to Ainsworth, Nebraska. Daniel and Summer, along with their young family of four, purchased the herd of Momma Cows and will be picking up right where we leave off. Their philosophies parallel those of Bruns Red Angus so it seems to be a natural fit. They will be continuing on with the bull sale in Bassett, Neb. next year. We are so very excited for them and wish them the very best with this great way of life.

We were able to winter the calves on a high roughage diet to better develop their rumen and then run them on pasture until October. They were then brought in to get ready for the sale. This year we are conditioning our bulls on a alfalfa/grass hay mix and 7 lbs. of a corn/distiller mix, and they couldnít look better! We feel we are producing bulls that will last longer and breed more cows than an over-conditioned bull.

"Itís All About the Momma Cow" is the focus of our entire program. We donít chase EPDs or get caught up in the "Bull of the Month." Efficiency, moderation, and disposition are what we strive for. We feel our cows are here to work for us. We are not here to work for them. Big, hard-doing cows donít last long around here. Our cows winter on crop residue and start calving in April on pasture. They are not standing in a yard eating stored feed. We will feed the cows in the winter during inclement weather but they still need to go look for part of their daily diet. Calving on stock piled pasture is a must. The cows will receive supplemental feed as the conditions justify and our calving success is outstanding when they have some room to spread out and take care of themselves. Our herd health is much improved and provides a safe environment when cows can be cows.

Disposition is as much one of our selection categories as any other. Life is much too short to work with unruly, hard-to-deal with cattle. Cindy, Cole and Kate, as well as myself, work with these animals on a daily basis and we wonít risk potential injury to us or our family. If you have any questions about these cows just ask the kids. They made their parents proud again this summer as they were coherdsmen. They did a wonderful job of taking care of the herd. Thank you, kids.

Though we know cows can react different in different situations we keep scores at calving on disposition (1-5), teat size (1-10) and udder structure (1-10). The bull and bred heifer damsíscores from the most recent year are in the catalog. The scores with the cows are their own most recent scores. We also band any bull calves that are born over 90 lbs. We donít feel that a calf that big meets our moderation standards.

The bred heifers on the sale were taken to pasture early this spring. They were brought in October to get ready for the sale. This group of heifers should turn into moderate framed Momma Cows ready to go to work for you. The Ortons have added 15 bred heifers to the sale this year. They are a great looking set of heifers right out of the heart of their commercial herd. They have been buying bulls from Bruns Red Angus since the first year we sold bulls. This set of heifers would be a great addition to anybodyís herd.

With that, I am saddened to say this will be the last sale that we will be having. We have met some very good people that we are proud to call dear friends along the way. We would also like to wish the Orton Family the very best on their new path that the Lord above has chosen for them. They are a great family. Please take the time to get to know them.

If you are unable to attend the sale you are welcome to come visit anytime. The sale cattle are on the place and are easy to look at and the "Momma Cows" will be close by for viewing also.

We look forward to meeting you!

ó Kelly, Cindy, Cole, and Kate


We are excited for this opportunity to carry on the Bruns Red Angus tradition and genetics with Orton Ranch Red Angus. During the summer and fall we run our cattle in thick, steep canyon pastures, so structural correctness and good feet are a must. The Mamma Cow is expected to make the most of her environment traveling the canyons while maintaining her condition, raising a good calf, and breeding back. After a big move and change for these cows, they came through holding their condition. During the winter they will forage mostly on corn stalks and stock piled native grass and hay fields. We bring them home before calving to help meet their nutritional requirements.

Disposition is very important to us. We are a family operation and we can't afford to work with dangerous animals. We do most of our cattle work on horseback in a low stress environment. We also reduce stress by fence line weaning at the home place. We just weaned the end of October and the calves are looking great!

As part of this Bruns Red Angus sale we are offering 15 of our top commercial heifers. We look forward to meeting and serving you with our first bull and female production sale in the fall of 2018!

Orton Ranch Red Angus
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